True Visions Media provides efficient, effective communication for personal, journalistic, and business platforms.

Generally, True Visions Media provides services in writing, editing/proofreading, graphic design, photography, social media, media, songwriting, and travel. More specifically, we work with

  • novels,
  • resumes,
  • cover letters,
  • biographies.
  • newsletters,
  • manuscripts,
  • dissertations,
  • website content,
  • social media posts.

If it involves words in print, we speak your language.

* * *


Also under the umbrella of True Visions Media is a positive news media outlet. As part of that, there have been several accomplishments:

  • Positive News Month and Positive News Day—created the global initiative inviting citizen and professional journalists to focus on positive news;
  • Positive News Media—a positive news magazine published online and supported on Facebook;
  • Purpose Talk Radio—an internet show where guests share their purpose, how they came to know what it is, how they came to achieve it, and suggestions they have for others who want to achieve their purpose;
  • True Trinity—writing music as a solo musician as well as with the trio True Trinity; and
  • True Visions Travel—an independent full service travel agency for group and individual travel in the United States and internationally, specializing in travel for people needing special accommodations.

“Life is like a stone thrown into the water.  How far each ripple goes is endless, but is effected by everything and everyone around you.”~Cindy Freeman

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