Generating Faith On and Off Stage

Photo courtesy of, artist DaveO Faith Rivera–just her name generates thoughts about her personality and character.  Her belief in God, her character for loving people, the gentleness of her Hawaiian culture show through on and off the stage.  It comes from the essence of her being and flows to the world, like a river.  That is why her music has become a part of my listening catalog and why I want to share it with you.

My faith in God has been what has gotten me through so much.  I know many people to believe in God who say that as they look back through life.  There are times when it seemed we forget about our faith and we try to handle things on our own.  There are times when something happens and we get too busy to pray or I let life take over instead of allowing God to take over.  When that happens to me, I find myself floundering and feeling lost.  Somehow, I am given either a gentle reminder by a friend or sometimes something the reminder comes along that is more concrete such as seeing some beautiful piece of nature or a child playing that reminds me of God and that reminds me of God.  The most motivating times come when someone else in my life is struggling and I find myself praying with or for that person or giving advice that I know does not come from my head, but from somewhere much deeper.  Those are the times I am reminded of how much God is a part of my life.

As the song “God Is” by Faith Rivera says, “Wherever I am, God is.  Where I stand, God is standing strong.  Where I breathe, God is breathing life in and out and through me, as me.”  This song can be heard at  The power in Faith as she sings this song can be felt whether you listen to her sing it or you turn down the sound, watch her and read the words that are captioned with this song.  All of Faith’s videos show the same energy, emotion and feeling.   She sings from the heart and the depth of her soul.

The beauty of Faith is not only in her music, it is in her personality.

I had heard Faith’s music over the years, like I had several of the Posi musician, yet didn’t know it.  I got to meet her when I attended the Posi Awards in January 2012.  She was one of the most personable people there.  I struggled with how much I wanted to hide being legally blind and wanting to be independent and yet needing to see to be able to get on and off stage safely while I was interpreting.  I was using the red and white cane to walk through the hotel, but I folded it and put it away when I was in the room with the stage.  There were a few times when I had to laugh at myself and how my eyesight perceptions fooled me in “seeing” raised areas where there were none and missing raised areas which seemed flat. because I wasn’t using the cane.  Yet, when I tried to get off of the stage by walking down somewhat small metal steps that did not have a railing, after a rehearsal, I had no choice but to identify that I couldn’t see the steps to safely get off the stage unassisted.  I didn’t have to say a word, and it seemed like Faith just “knew” the problem as I hesitated.  She gently and seemingly naturally stepped behind me and quietly said, “You’re ok.  Just walk slowly.”  Someone else quickly was in front of me also who probably had been listening in on the rehearsal; I don’t know who it was though.  Faith set her hand under my elbow just enough for the stability of a railing and passed me off to the person in front of me as I stepped down.  Nothing more was said of it.  The next time, I needed to get off the stage, she just extended her arm and nothing had to be said.  In my “act of faith,” I trusted that arm in more ways that physical.  I may not be remembering it exactly as it happened, and that doesn’t matter.  The important part is the meaning behind it.  It was a small act of kindness that meant a lot to me and for me made a connection that will never be forgotten.

Now I would like to share a bit more about the background of Faith.  She is an Indie (independent) singer/songwriter/performing artist who was born in Kauai, Hawaii, now makes Long Beach, California, her home, and has toured internationally.  Faith’s music has been featured on “ER” and “Scrubs”.  The song “Forever Near” was heard on the show “Passions” and was awarded an Emmy in 2003 for Outstanding Original Song.  Additional awards include 2006 New Age Album of the Year from JPFolks Music Awards, 2–6 Most Uniting Song from emPower Music and Arts Posi Awards, 2005 Best Music Video form the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival, and 2012 Grace Note Award for contribution to New Thought Music.  Her music touches  all ages, professions, and spiritual traditions.  Most of Faith’s music is high energy, although she has performed with artists from Luther Vandross to Neil Young.  Faith’s music has been used by best-selling authors and speakers including Marianne Williamson and Michael Beckwith, and at thousands of other motivational/inspirational conferences around the world.

Additionally, Faith is a humanitarian.  She is most passionate about causes for peace and sustained abundance.  She is a Peace Ambassador for Fine & Performing Artists for World Peace.  She was named the 2008 Biggest Giver for Humanity Unites Brilliance; the organization provides water, food, education and micro-loans for women and children.

More personally, Faith has helped others face their fears on stage with a program she calls “Everyday SuperStars”,  On her website at, Faith says, “I write & perform  purpose-driven pop ditties to remind you of your coolness & cheer you on to share your brilliance with the world.   My mission is to use music to connect with the everyday SuperStar bubbling in each of us to shine & serve in the most joyful, prosperous, peace-filled, blingy way!”  She has sung with many superstars over her career The video “Let It Out” (, which was posted by her husband and press contact Nolan Hee who has a spirit as beautiful as his wife’s, shows one example of the Everyday SuperStars performing with her.  Nolan is usually in the front row of the audience smiling and moving along with his wife.  Now, he is there with their son, who seems to also love his mom’s music as he claps and dances along.  I’m sure it won’t be very long before he has a microphone in his hand and is singing with Faith.

I think you get the idea of who Faith is now and why I love her music.  Check out her website, listen to some more of the YouTube clips and i am suspecting you will find yourself singing and dancing along in short time.

(Photo courtesy of, artist DaveO.)

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