Mainline Dance Rock Band Creates Social Justice Posi Music

Picture Posi (Positive) Music spans all genre.  Liquid Blue is probably the best example of a well travelled, highly acclaimed band in mainstream music (mostly dance rock) whose music often carries a Posi message.  The 10-plus member band began it public shows in 1996.  It has six men, four women and a few occasional other members.  Each main member has an understudy; several of the understudies also perform in their own band called Aqua Blue.

Liquid Blue has blazed a trail for itself.  Its official slogan is “Music to Move You”.  They have more than 100 awards for their music including a Posi Music Award, Guiness Book of World Record, Billboard Top-10 Hit, featured on six magazine covers. In the Introduction on its website site, “In 2005 Liquid Blue became the first American act to be signed by a major Chinese record label and it was chosen to represent the Unites States at the CCTV kick-off concert for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.  The group has performed sold-out, ticketed shows worldwide and has received more accolades, awards and recognition than any other party band in the event industry.  Liquid Blue is a certified green business.”

No matter what language or in what country it is sung, the message is still the same.  We look for peace, justice and human rights.  With all six of the United Nations languages and three additional ones, Liquid Blue sings in “Earth Passport,” “Your mission, in your mind, an open door to all the world.  One planet, one people a world where fear does not exist, all nations united, and human rights for everyone. Why can’t we?”  This song was nominated for a 2010 Posi Award.  “Earth Passport” also made it to #3 Dance Chart in  “Billboard Magazine,” and also has won a “Guinness World Record” for “song Sung in the Most Languages as of 2010 and seven other awards. It can be heard at

The group received the 2008 Posi Award for the the song “If You Gotta Ask”.  Their performance of that song at the Posi Awards can be seen at  “If you Gotta Ask” also won Best Pop Song 2004 from Dallas Songwriters and Spirit and Creative 2005 from Artist Helping Artists and a dozen other awards.  In the acceptance speech for the song “If You Gotta Ask,” a Liquid Blue member said, “We are trying to reach the broadest audience possible.”

They also hold the second official world record for “World’s Most Traveled Band” set in 2008 with seven continents, 115 nations, 93 countries, all 50 states in the United States and 500 cities.

For a complete list of accolades and other information about Liquid Blue, go to  Be prepared to get lost and take several hours to get through the well-woven, detailed site.

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