The Dream for a Music Career that Began at Age 5

Picture Sue Riley’s website says she is a “singer, songwriter, musician, promoter…and someone you should know.”  I agree, and I’d like to introduce her to you.  Sue has a gentle spirit that is heard in her live or recorded performances and is witnessed in the live shows she does as part of the Posipalooza tours.  She  has created six CDs of original music.  I would say most of the songs have a spiritual message to them. She says that she knew from a little child that music was going to be her career and has followed that calling.

Like many of the Posi Music artists, I heard many of Sue’s songs before I realized they were hers.  As I started investigating “who did that song,” I found out how much I enjoyed them.  I first “met” her via emails as I prepared to interpret for the 2010 Posi Music Awards.  I finally met her in-person at that festival and have seen her perform a a few of the Posipalooza concerts since then.  Every time I have seen her perform, it has been with a piano.

That is not surprising since Sue’s first love for music was created by her grandfather Waldo who taught her how to play the piano at age 5.  She played that piano in churches when she was 11 and started sharing some of what her grandfather taught her by giving private lessons when she was 18 years old.  Sue talks about that connection in “Grand[a’s Hands”. With the words of the song, I can picture Sue and her grandfather sitting next to the keys as she sings,  “Grandpa loved his music.  He never missed the chance to play.  His fingers full of magic as they danced across the keys.  He’d sing and grin, wiggle his ears and teach me patiently.  Watch my hands, do as I do.  We’ll go slow until you learn the tune. Let the song become a part of you.  Watch Grandpa’s hands.  Do as I do.”  This song won a First-Place Gold Medal in the SAW song competition from Washington, DC, and is performed by Sue at

Now Sue is the Vice President of emPower Music and Arts, that hosts the Posi Music Awards, now for the eighth year.  She is the music director at Unity Church of Clearwater (Florida), which she has done for 20 years. and is the chairperson for the Music Ministry Team of Unity Worldwide Ministries, which she has done for eight years.  That team has created 10 songbooks of Positive New Thought Music. She also is known for teaching spiritual centers how to turn their music departments into music ministries.

For more information about Sue, go to her website at

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