Analogy Brain in a Digital World (Greg said it best)

Picture Each holiday season the electronics industry has more and more “gadgets” for sale.  The online shopping industry gets bigger and bigger as well.  However, not everyone is comfortable with technology.  Some people would prefer to send a handwritten note instead of an email.  Some prefer a paper and pencil to write their shopping list than to put it into a smart phone.  Others can’t leave home without their phone or their computer or they would be lost.

The song “Analog Brain in a Digital World” by Greg Tamblyn at talks about his thought on technology and how he handles the world and tries to simplify it.   “I googled directions from my den to my refrigerator…..Single tasking is obsolete now.  I need to slow my life down to a blur.  I’ve got an analog brain in a digital world.”

The tag on Greg’s website says, “Life is serious.  Be funny.  Be musical.”  That is a great mantra and fits him well.

“On this site you’ll find funny songs, inspirational songs, hilarious video clips, and short funny stories that help you see the best in yourself, and laugh at the rest of yourself. They’re like WD-40 for your relationships, your moments of confusion, the things you want to accomplish in life, and your connection to the Big Mystery,” Greg says.

Greg spent many years in Nashville and makes Kansas City home now.  He was successful in writing songs for country artists and even spent some time working at one of the publishing houses.  The draw of writing his own music finally pushed through all of that when he released his own single “It’s Another joyful Elvis Presley Christmas,” which was named “Christmas Single of the Year in “Cashbox” magazine. Since then he has received other awards:
“Best Comedy/Novelty Song”  – Just Plain Folks Music Awards 
“Christmas Single of the Year”  – Cashbox magazine
“Best Comedy Song”  – Music City Song Festival
“Best Humorous Song”  – Posi Music Awards
“Most Uniting Song”  – Posi Music Awards
“Best Male Vocalist in Kansas City”  – Squire Newspapers

Greg has been known to gear his shows to just about any audience, and has four different bios on his website to use for those audiences (who knows maybe this can become number five, even though I pulled this information for all of the four and then added some of my own knowledge); however, there is one thing in common in all of them–somebody, or most bodies are going to laugh.  Greg still plays small, intimate house concerts and has had audiences as large and diverse as the Department of Defense.  He still returns to Nashville to facilitate workshops.

When Greg spoke at a wellness conference at Duke University Medical Center many years ago, his counterparts had Ph.D. and M.D. written after their name.  The initials after Greg’s name were N.C.W., standing for “No Credentials Whatsoever.”  However, Greg is now filled with the credentials of experiencing life which is from where many of his songs are created.  He still is known to use those initials to remind the general public that we all are capable of being somebody even when we don’t have the structured credentials of others around us.

Greg has a knack for telling funny stories and singing silly songs.  He even takes some of the everyday crazy things in this world and turns them into humor.

Greg was one of the first four Posi (positive and then called New Thought) musicians I ever met in person.  They were called New Thought because they had and have a different way of looking at the world.  They look at it from the good, the possible, the awe instead of from the doom and gloom or negativity of foul attitude that so much other music does.  I discovered quickly that getting out of a concert of Greg’s trying to not laugh was a futile effort.  I am sure that even most stubborn person or person who “never shows emotion” who walks in the door of one of his concerts concert will at the very minimum crack a smile at least once and more likely will end up being the one who laughs the most.

Greg does not just spread his humor on the stage, he also is a frequent contributor to The Funny Times humor magazine. He has seven CDs of original music, a book and a t-shirt to his creative credit.  He also has been featured in the books “Stressed Desserts Spelled Backwards” by Brian Luke Seaward, “Shelter for the Spirit” by Victoria Moran, and “Art and Soul” by Pam Grout.  Good luck trying to catch him boasting because it won’t happen; he is a very humble and down-to-earth (well, sometimes down-to-earth and other times flying on the joys of life) person.

Oh yeah, back to the “analog brain in a digital world” part.  Greg does use technology. His website at and he does have an email list.  He also is on Facebook.  His most recent use of the technology is compile his “Top Ten Whiny Victim Love Songs” for which he asked his fan base to make suggestions.  This song can be viewed on YouTube at

Lest you thing Greg only can do funny songs, I will tell you that is not true. One of his songs is one of the most serious and powerful songs that I have heard in my entire life.  That song is called “One Day on the Field of France” and can be heard on YouTube at

Now, if this is all too heavy for you, go to Greg’s site and check out his “exotic bio.”  It could be accurate or it could be like his songs–just enough of the truth to believe them and just enough of the humor wo raise eyebrows.

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